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A Week At A Time - Meal Ideas, Food

A Week At A Time – Meal Ideas!

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads today and happy summer.  I hope you dads find yourself a little time to relax and enjoy the day with family and friends, or to do the things you love.  I’m not getting together with my dad today because he moved out of the state a couple years ago, and he just came to visit a few weeks back, so today I’m spending it with my husband, and grandson and we’re going for a fun meal at the beach later today, and a bike ride this morning, along the coast.

I thought I would mix up the menu this week with recipes that either my dad or my husband enjoy, with meals that are fun to eat during almost any season.  For starters this week, I thought we would begin with chili burger night, something both my dad and husband truly love because of the tangy chili piled on top.  Tuesday is taco night and we’re making crispy fish tacos.  These aren’t just any tacos, but battered and lightly fried baja style, then topped with cool and crunchy ingredients.  Wednesday is a meal that my husband truly digs and that’s pasta.  Sometimes I think he thinks he’s Italian because he loves pasta so much, and this recipe is one of his favorites.  Thursday is pizza night, and Friday is steak night – two meals that both my dad and husband are crazy about for all the right reasons.  Saturday I thought I would make something with lemon and blueberries for my dad because he so loves both of those flavors, and why choose between the two tastes when you can combined them in baked treat.  I hope you have another tasty week ahead.  Enjoy!

Monday – Let’s kick off this week with burgers, but not just any burgers.  These burgers are topped with hardy chili for a zesty kick you’ll just love to share with the whole family.  

Chili-Cheese Burgers – Recipe!

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Tuesday – It’s taco Tuesday and we’re making fish tacos.  These lightly battered and crispy tacos are just the thing to get you excited about dinnertime.  

Baja Fish Tacos – Recipe!

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Wednesday – This creamy pasta dinner is made on the stove top with simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.  This meal is truly lightened up comfort food and satisfies all your cravings.  

Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Pasta – Recipe!

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Thursday – It’s pizza night and we’re making it on a sheet pan with store-bought pesto, sausage and even dough, if you’d prefer.  This recipe couldn’t get any easier, and looks like a professional made it.   Something the whole family will enjoy.  

Sheet Pan Pesto Sausage Pizza – Recipe!

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Friday –  Marinating steak before you place it under the broiler gives it so much depth of flavor, it’s crazy.  The meat comes out succulent and tender, and it’s so easily sliced.  

Broiled Marinated Hanger Steak – Recipe!

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Saturday – A bread made with both lemon and blueberries couldn’t get any more divine.  This easy recipe is baked up in no time and you can serve it for breakfast or for dessert.  

Lemon Blueberry Swirl Bread – Recipe!

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