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Fried Duck Egg Breakfast Sandwich on Brioche Bun – Recipe!

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Fried egg sandwiches on a weekend is something we all can enjoy.  As a kid, my mom used to make us this type of breakfast treat in the later morning to give us great energy throughout our day.  Duck eggs are a new addition in this recipe because they create a layer of decadence that’s slightly different from a chicken egg.  Duck egg yolks are a tad richer and deeper hue, and they tend to have a more viscous mouthfeel.  I know many of you might be saying, “How can I find duck eggs?”  However, it’s not a difficult as you may think, especially during the summertime with all the farmer’s markets up and running in most towns – so ask your local farmer, or you can always substitute good chicken eggs.

Frying an egg is pretty simple stuff, but the trick to a good fried egg sandwich is to break the yolk slightly during cooking – so it cooks to an over easy consistency before setting it on a buttery brioche bun.  Another tip is to lay a piece of swiss cheese on top of one of the eggs and pile the other egg on top and turn off the heat, so the cheese melts gently from the warmth of the eggs, and they won’t overcook.  A brioche bun just intensifies the experience into something dreams are made of – so try it on a lightly toasted buttery bun on your first go-round.  I imagine this might be your new go-to breakfast sandwich for many summer weekends ahead.

Fried Duck Egg Breakfast Sandwich on Brioche Bun – Recipe! Image 2


1 tablespoon butter, divided

4 duck eggs

2 slices swiss cheese

2 brioche buns


(Makes 2 Sandwiches)

Fried Duck Egg Breakfast Sandwich on Brioche Bun – Recipe! Image 3

To Prepare:

  1. In a non-stick sauté pan, add half of butter and place over medium heat.
  2. Place buns in the toaster to heat for 1 minute, do not over toast.  Butter inside of buns with remaining butter.
  3. When butter is melted, crack eggs in pan.  With a butter knife, break yolk slightly, and continue to cook.  After 2 minutes, flip eggs over.
  4. Put cheese on two of the eggs, and place other eggs on top of cheese covered eggs.  Turn off heat.
  5. Place egg stack on one side of bun and repeat with other.  Top with remaining bun.  Serve with greens and tomatoes, if desired.  *You can double or triple recipe.  Enjoy!




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