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A Week At A Time - Meal Ideas, Food

A Week At A Time – Meal Ideas!

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Another week down and we’re definitely inching closer to summer, however it’s still be quite foggy here at the coast on most days.  It’s supposed to be warming up this week and I can’t wait. I could really use some sunshine for more than an hour or so.  I bought my first fresh ears of corn this week and I’m excited about that.  I just love to watch the produce of summertime unfold gently right before my eyes.  My strawberries and rhubarb are growing like weeds in the backyard, and that really makes me smile.  I plopped a few strawberries in a jar and added Reposado tequila, so stay tuned for an infused cocktail this week, along with a possible rhubarb dessert.

As for this week’s menu and some amazing meal ideas, I thought I would start Monday off with a halibut recipe that is one delicious bowl of food.  It’s an older recipe, but it’s so good and definitely worth every bite.  Tuesday is barbacoa beef night made in your Instant Pot.  It’s super tasty and the leftovers can be transformed into so many other meals.  I thought we’d use our fresh corn and grill it, along with some avocados for a delicious salad on Wednesday because hump day needs to be celebrated.  A super simple pasta dish is what’s on the menu for Thursday, made with pantry ingredients.  Friday is tart night, easily made with defrosted puff pastry and yes, some of that most delightful fresh corn, and for Saturday, it’s a morning quick bread baked with zucchini and chocolate chips for a nice treat to start the weekend off right.  Have a tasty one.

Monday – this is definitely an older recipe, but it’s truly delicious and not complicated.  It sounds more difficult than it really is to put together, and it’s so worth your time in the kitchen.  

Halibut with Sweet Corn & Jalapeno Sauce – Recipe!

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Tuesday – I thought we’d breakout our Instant Pots for dinner tonight and make this delightful beef in a tangy sauce that’s super satisfying to stuff into tortillas, serve over rice and vegetables, or shred and enjoy over mixed greens.  It’s so versatile and the leftovers you can feed off of for days.  

Instant Pot Chipotle Barbacoa Beef – Recipe!

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Wednesday – Let’s create something tasty with that fresh corn that’s been hitting the markets recently, and this salad really is a great place to start the season.  What better than avocados with fresh corn over greens?  Not much, that’s for sure.  

Grilled Avocado & Sweet Corn Salad – Recipe!

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Thursday – An easy pasta meal prepared with mostly pantry items that you probably already have on hand.  It makes dinnertime, easy-breezy and the perfect way to dine tonight.  

Pasta Puttanesca with Salami – Recipe!

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Friday – This tart recipe is made with puff pastry from the freezer section and loaded with fresh ingredients, and yes, a little of that sweet corn again.  

Sweet Corn, Ricotta & Cherry Tomato Puff Pastry Tart – Recipe!

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Saturday – An old favorite with video included.  Who doesn’t love a good quick bread on the weekend?!

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread – Recipe! (Video)

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