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Grilled Avocado & Sweet Corn Salad – Recipe!

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Grilling avocados is a fun thing to do, but it’s more than that, it adds a smoky flavor to the fruit.  When you grill an avocado, the flames gently warm the interior flesh leaving charred marks across the surface, which creates a pretty cool look, but you mostly do it for the taste.

Sweet Corn is a favorite, especially in the summer months when it’s freshly plucked from the farmer’s market.  The sugars are so intense and right up in your face – it’s almost like eating a piece of candy, and there’s something about the combination of fresh corn and avocado that make this salad so special.  The textural combination of creamy, sweet and crisp from the greens creates a bowl you will remember.

A easy honey-mustard vinaigrette to spoon over the top, adds a slight tang to the warm salad.  Fresh spinach is the perfect green to cut the richness of both the avocados and corn and a few spring onions, adds another layer of summer fun.

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2 avocados, sliced in half

2 ears fresh sweet corn, husked and rinsed

1 large spring onion, or scallion

4 cups fresh spinach leaves

2 tablespoons vegetable oil




1/4 cup red wine or white balsamic vinegar

2 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1/3 cup olive oil

(Serves 4)

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Grilled Avocado & Sweet Corn Salad – Recipe! Image 4

To Prepare:

1.  Heat grill to 375 degrees.  Slice avocados in half and remove seeds.  Husk and rinse corn.  Brush avocados tops and corn with oil.

2.  Place avocados and corn on grill.  Grill avocados for about 3-4 minutes, just until slightly charred.  Continue to grill corn for 5-7 minutes longer, or until kernels are slightly charred.

3.  Let corn cool, while you prepare vinaigrette.  In a jar with fitted lid, add vinegar, honey, Dijon, a pinch of salt and pepper and olive oil.  Shake until vinaigrette is slightly thickened.

4.  Slice onion thinly, and set aside.  Place spinach on a large serving plate or platter.  Using a spoon, remove avocados from their skins.  Place avocados on top of  spinach.

5.  Slice kernels of corn off cobs and sprinkle them across spinach leaves.  Spread rings of onion on top of corn.  Serve with vinaigrette.  Enjoy!
















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