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Cowboy Cookies – Recipe!

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Chocolate chips cookies are probably our nation’s favorite cookie.  Cowboy cookies are a take on that, but with added oats, coconut and pecans for a hearty treat.  These cookies are packed with nutty texture and chocolaty flavor and will satisfy the most manly men.

These cookies are perfect for a BBQ, beach party and even a good old fashioned camping trip.  I use half shortening and half butter in the recipe, so these cookies can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days and not lose their chewy texture.  Yee-haw!


8 tablespoons shortening, organic preferably

1 stick butter, room temperature

1 cup organic sugar

1 cup brown sugar

1 egg + 1 yolk

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

2 cups all purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 cups rolled oats, not quick cooking

1/2 cup sweetened coconut

1 1/2 cups semisweet chocolate chips or chunks

1 cup pecans

(Makes 2 dozen)


To Prepare:

1.  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  In a stand mixer, cream together the shortening, butter and sugars, about 2 minutes.

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2.  Scrape down the sides of the bowl and add the egg and yolk 1 at a time.

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3.  Add the vanilla and mix for 1 minute.  Then, add the flour, oats, baking soda, baking powder, salt and coconut and mix on low for 1 minute.

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4.  Add the chocolate chips and mix on low for 30 seconds.  Rough chop the pecans.

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Cowboy Cookies 023 (640x480)

5.  Add the pecans to the dough mixture and mix for 30 seconds more.

Cowboy Cookies 028 (640x480)

6.  Portion out dough with a cookie scoop or tablespoon, each ball should be about 3 tablespoons.  Use 2 sheet pans, about 6 balls per pan.

Cowboy Cookies 031 (640x480)

7.  Place the cookies in the oven to bake for 10 minutes, rotating pans half way through baking.

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8.  Remove the cookies from the oven and let cool for 15 minutes on the pans and place them on a cooling rack until room temperature.

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9.  Serve the warm cookies immediately (just how I like them) or place them in a sealed container to take with you to your special adventure.  Enjoy!

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