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Chicken & Caramelized Fennel Soup!

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Remember the book, “Chicken Soup for the Soul?”  It was quite popular a few years back.  The book was  packed with uplifting stories about real people’s lives.  Real chicken soup is sort of the same – inspiring, comforting and packed with things that are good for you.

I always tend to revert to a good soup when I am not feeling up to snuff or just need a pick-me-up.  I prepare homemade soups quite often because they are healthy, quick to make and always seem to hit the spot.  The slogan, “Soup is Good Food,” just makes complete sense to me, because it just is.

I love to prepare chicken soup on chillier days, but really it is nice on most days.  Using a rotisserie chicken to prepare the broth is key in making a great soup.  The cooked chicken bones create a rich decadent broth that surpasses any you can find in a box and the shredable meat is succulent and ready to use.  The process is simple, it just takes a little time, but well worth it.

After the steamy umami liquid is ready, the rest of the soup is quick.  Caramelizing fennel takes a little patience to get it just right, but the sweet vegetable is fragrant and delightful when its incorporated into the brothy bath.  If you think you are not a fennel person (my sister), give this a try.  It’s definitely not like eating a raw bulb with a licorice bite.

Ladle the soup in bowls and serve with a piece of rustic bread or cracker for dipping.  This Chicken & Caramelized Fennel Soup is definitely good for your soul.  You will just love it!

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1 rotisserie chicken, bones and meat separated

2 stalks celery

1 small white onion

1 teaspoon salt

3 black peppercorns


1 small white onion

1 bulb fresh fennel, cored and sliced thinly – reserve a few fronds

1/2 chili pepper, sliced

2 1/2 cups cooked shredded chicken, from above

1 teaspoon salt

14 ounces white beans

olive oil

(Serves 4)

To Prepare:

1. In a large pot, add the chicken bones, onion, celery, salt, peppercorns and 6 cups of water.  Place over medium high heat, until boiling then, turn heat down and simmer for 30 minutes.  Strain broth through a mesh strainer and reserve.

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2.  In the same pot, add 2 teaspoon olive oil, onion, chili and fennel.  Cook for 15 minutes on medium low heat until lightly soft and caramelized.

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3.  Pour in reserved broth, shredded chicken (reserving some for another use), salt and drained beans.  Stir to combine and cover with lid ajar.  Cook the soup over low heat for 15 minutes.

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4.  Ladle soup into bowls and top with a few fennel fronds.  Enjoy!

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