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A Week At A Time - Meal Ideas, Food

A Week At A Time – Meal Ideas!

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That week went quickly — and now we’re heading towards the end of March already.  The weather is starting to get nice again, like it’s not always great in Los Angeles?  But, yes I mean warmer days with some possible beach time this week.  Things are opening up so much again, that the beaches aren’t as crowded as they were in the middle of the pandemic.  I like them better when they’re less full, so I can spread out, bring a lunch and hang under an umbrella with no distractions – rough, I know.  I love a good sandwich or some dip to enjoy while I’m reading a book, or digging with my granddaughter in the sand.  There’s nothing like family-time near the shore.

This week’s meals are going to be some transition-like recipes from winter to springtime.  I know it’s not quite yet spring, but my yard tends to think so with fresh lettuces, citrus fruits and artichokes ready to pop.  Let’s start the week with some seafood — like my Crispy Trout with Orzo.  This dish is fresh and easy to prepare and has all the beginnings of spring.  On Tuesday, I thought we’d make breakfast at dinnertime with my Migas Verde.  It’s so easy to scramble up a few eggs with tortilla chips, and dollop a little salsa verde – either store bought or homemade for some extra flavor.  Wednesday is a nice evening for grilling outside and my Thai Chicken Thighs with Greens is not only tasty, but quick and easy.  It’s pasta night on Thursday and my Bucatini with Pancetta & Peas tastes and looks like springtime is almost here.  Friday is quick cooking Pork Tenderloin with Wild Mushrooms.  The deep umami flavors pair so nicely together and the leftovers make great sandwiches for the weekend.  Saturday’s are for baking and my Spring Break Brownies are super dark, chocolaty and loaded with fun things.  Have another good week and get to the beach, if you can.

Monday –  Trout is actually one of my favorite fish to make on the stove top.  A quick sear on both sides and a big squeeze of lemon, and you have yourself a meal.  

Crispy Trout with Spring Orzo – Recipe!

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Tuesday –  I love a good breakfast at dinnertime, especially when you’re pinched for time or don’t have much in the refrigerator.  

Migas Verde – Recipe!

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Wednesday –  Zesty chicken thighs grilled until deep golden brown and served over greens is one complete and tasty meal.  

Grilled Thai Chicken Thighs with Greens – Recipe!

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Thursday – A one pan wonder with all the flavors of spring.  

One-Pan Creamy Bucatini with Pancetta & Peas – Recipe!

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Friday –  It’s a quick roast pork tenderloin and some amazing mushrooms tonight – it’s super easy and will look like a professional chef made it.  

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Wild Mushrooms – Recipe!

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Saturday – Rich, fudgy brownies are a big hit anytime, but nice to pack up and take to the beach.  

Spring Break Brownies – Recipe!

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