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A Week At A Time - Meal Ideas

A Week At A Time – Meal Ideas!

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Well, it’s Sunday already and what a week it was.  I enjoyed using up the last of the hardboiled eggs by creating a few finger sandwiches, and I’m still munching on the last of the Easter candy.  The Dodgers had their season opener and Walker Buehler was on the mound.  What a great game.  This week ahead is chock-full of recipes for busy moms and dads with kids going back to school here in Los Angeles.  Menus tend to change a bit from Zoom schooling kids at home, to in-person school with kids back with teachers again.  I know there is some angst about going back to school and our family is feeling a bit of that right now.  There’s nothing better than a good meal at the end of each day to get you through to the next one, and here’s my list of spectacular menu ideas that will do the trick.

Casseroles, slow-cooker meals, and family-style foods seem to always make us feel comforted, while satisfying the best of appetites.  I find that a spring-like meal will hit the spot, while staying in season with what’s fresh and ripe for the picking.  I encourage you  to head to your local farmer’s market this season, not just because there are so many fabulous vegetables and fruits right now, but because our farmer’s have been hit hard through this pandemic with restaurant sales plummeting.  So cook with fresh ingredients, and go introduce yourself to your local farmer or farmer’s market representative.  Make a new friend and learn something about a vegetable you’ve never used.  I highly recommend it.

Monday – A light and lemony pasta night is the way to kick off the week.  Simple ingredients made beautifully.  

Lemony Ricotta Bow-Tie Pasta – Recipe!

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Tuesday – Go green with your enchiladas this week and turn Taco Tuesday, into Enchilada Tuesday.  You can always substitute rotisserie chicken for shredded pork.  

Pork & Potato Enchiladas Verdes – Recipe!

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Wednesday – A fresh and delicious skillet meal is a one-pan wonder on hump day.

Skillet Chicken with Broccoli & Peppers – Recipe!

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Thursday – Time to dust off that slow-cooker and put it to good use again with this simple beef and potato stew.

Slow-Cooker Sweet Potato & Beef Stew – Recipe!

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Friday – You made it, now time to unwind and enjoy with some nachos and maybe a cold beer?  

Roast Chicken & Bacon Nachos – Recipe!

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Saturday – An easy brunch before you head out for errands and that farmer’s market!

Warm Cherry Tomato, Bacon & Egg Toasts – Recipe!

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