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Shamrock Power Smoothie – Recipe!

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There is one time of year that I go to McDonald’s and it is around St. Patrick’s Day for a Shamrock Shake. I know the ice cream isn’t the best, but I do like the creamy flavors of vanilla and mint.  The shake is so thick that you could eat it with a spoon, but there is something about the anticipation of letting it rise through a straw that makes it even more fun.

For those of us that love the flavors of a Shamrock Shake, but not necessarily the calories and fat, here is my solution — Shamrock Power Smoothie.  It is a simple puree in the blender with fresh mint, frozen pineapple, vanilla protein powder, almond milk and a drop of mint extract. The pineapple is virtually tasteless when combined with the other ingredients, but gives nice body to slurp up with a straw.  I love to have one of these anytime of day because they are so refreshingly delicious and a good source of protein.  Just be careful not to add to much mint extract because the stuff is pretty potent and you don’t want to overpower the vanilla flavor.


1 cup frozen pineapple

2 cups almond milk

6 leaves fresh mint + more for varnish

1 scoop vanilla protein powder, any variety

1 cup ice

1 drop mint extract, optional

(Makes 2 Smoothies)

IMG_7012 (600x800)

To Prepare:

1.  Pour all the ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.

IMG_6993 (800x600)

IMG_6999 (800x600)

2.  Pour into your favorite glass and top with additional mint and a straw.  Enjoy!

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