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Monster Eye Avocado Mash Toasts – Recipe!

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October is always filled with creepy Halloween treats that make us laugh and often, wince with slight enjoyment.  However, a toast that’s filled with good ingredients that’s actually edible for breakfast or brunch; like these Monster Eye Avocado Mash Toasts make the season even more spooktacular.  This recipe can be a no-cook situation if you buy your hard boiled eyes at the store already cooked, however a few minutes in a bubbling salt water bath and you’re on the road to a haunted meal.

A quick mash of an avocado with a sprinkling of salt and pepper become the spread for a toasted piece of sourdough, and then the fun begins.  Layering hardboiled eggs for eyes and topping with olive slices give these toasts that googly-eyed monster look and a squirt of sriracha or ketchup (for the younger ones) provides a blood shot presence that every scary Halloween snack deserves.  I find these toasts quite frighteningly flavorful and most popular with both the younger and older generations.  Boo.

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2 large ripe avocados

4 large slices sourdough bread

1 tablespoon butter

3 hardboiled eggs, sliced

1/4 cup sliced black olives

1/4 cup sriracha or ketchup

salt and pepper

(Serves 4)

Monster Eye Avocado Mash Toasts – Recipe! Image 3

To Prepare:

  1. Slice avocados in half and remove seed.  Using a spoon, remove avocado flesh and place in bowl.  Mash a few times with a fork and add a big pinch of salt and pepper.  Continue mashing until creamy, set aside.
  2. Toast bread in toaster or under broiler until golden brown and spread with butter.
  3. Top toasts with avocado mash.  Top each toast with hardboiled egg slices and then olives.
  4. Squeeze sriracha or ketchup over top of each egg to make bloodshot eyes.  Serve and Enjoy!



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