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Kumquat & Mint Margaritas – Recipe!

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I have a miniature Kumquat tree in my yard and right now it is full of bright fruit.  Even though it is dwarf in size, I get enough fruit to put in salads, marmalades and of course margaritas! Kumquats are delicious in margaritas because they hold a huge citrus punch.  With the right blender you can pulverize the entire fruit into juice and adding fresh mint turns this concoction into a lime green color that looks fantastic and tastes even better. Blend up a batch at your next Fiesta and your friends with be delighted.


1 dozen kumquats

1/2 bunch mint leaves, about 25 + more for garnish

2 tablespoons agave nectar

1 shot triple sec

2 shots good quality tequila

2 scoops crushed ice or cubes, about 4 cups

1 lime

kosher salt

(Serves 4)


To Prepare:

1.  Rinse your kumquats and fresh mint with water and pat dry.

Kumquat & Mint Margarita 001 (640x480)

Kumquat & Mint Margarita 006 (640x480)

2.  Put them in a Vitamix or other powerful blender.

Kumquat & Mint Margarita 010 (640x480)

3.  Blend the fruits until smooth and all the seeds and skins are pureed.  Drizzle in the agave nectar and blend again until combined.

Kumquat & Mint Margarita 013 (640x480)

4.  Add 1 shot of triple sec and 2 shots of tequila and blend until smooth.

Kumquat & Mint Margarita 019 (640x480)

5.  Add 2 scoops of crushed ice or cubes and puree until frothy and smooth.  These margaritas are not frozen.  If you want to make them frozen, add double the ice and puree.

Kumquat & Mint Margarita 029 (640x480)

6.  Cut the lime in half and swirl it around the rim of each glass.

Kumquat & Mint Margarita 032 (640x480)

7.  Dip the rim of each glass into salt.

Kumquat & Mint Margarita 036 (640x480)

8.  Fill each glass with Kumquat & Mint Margaritas and enjoy!

Kumquat & Mint Margarita 056 (480x640)

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