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How to Preserve Lemons – Recipe!

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Preserved Lemon is a condiment used most often in Northern African or Indian cuisines, but can be added to everyday recipes.  The lemon is intensified through the preserving or pickling process and adds rich lemon flavor to many side dishes, main courses, sauces and desserts.

The process of preserving lemon is simple, just take four or five lemons and a little salt – place in a clean jar and let the action begin.  The juice and salt breakdown the lemon skin and after a few weeks, it can be sliced, diced or stirred into any dish for a luscious lemon touch.

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4 or 5 lemons, Meyer Lemons preferably

1/4 cup kosher salt

1 pint sized jar

(Makes 1 Pint)

To Prepare:

1.  Wash 1 pint jar and lid with boiling water and dry on a clean towel. Cut lemons into quarters without cutting all the way through leaving 1/4 inch attached at the bottom of each lemon. Sprinkle about a teaspoon of salt into each lemon cavity.

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2.  Push lemons into jar releasing a little juice from each lemon.  Continue with additional lemons, packing them in tightly.

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3.  Sprinkle two more teaspoons of salt on top of lemons and fill with lemon juice, place lid on jar.  Put jar in refrigerator for a minimum of two weeks. The lemons will keep for a few months stored in the refrigerator. Dice up the preserved lemon skin and add it to recipes like salad dressings, rice and grains, chicken and fish dishes and sauces.  Enjoy!

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