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Drunken Nectarines – Recipes!

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Summer stone fruit is always a highlight of the season and nectarines are a big star in this category.  I look at nectarines as a cousin of the peach, a little less fuzzy on the exterior, and just as sweet and juicy.  There are two types of nectarines, freestone and clingstone – both varieties are great to enjoy on a hot summer day, except freestone peaches are easier to remove from the stone, it doesn’t attach completely.

Marinating fruit in a light bodied white wine makes an easy summertime dessert.  Lillet, a French aperitif made from Semillon grapes and a bit of orange liqueurs, is the perfect partner for nectarines – it’s a glaze of guiltless pleasure.   The freshly sliced nectarines bathing in a semi-sweet pool of wine with a fleck of crushed mint is not only gorgeous on the eyes, but it’s summer perfection to the tongue.

Using a jar with fitted lid for individual portions is a fun presentation, also it makes it easy to port to dinner parties, or picnics.  Fill and chill the jars ahead of time, so the cool environment lasts through dinner and the nectarines have enough time to bathe.

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2 large nectarines

2 cups Lillet

1 tablespoon fresh mint, torn

(Serves 4)

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 To Prepare:

1. Cut nectarines into 1/8 slices and place in jars.

2.  Top fruit with mint and fill with Lillet.  Place lid on top and tighten.

3.  Place jars in the refrigerator until show time.  Enjoy!

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