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A Week At A Time - Meal Ideas, Food

A Week At A Time – Meals Ideas!

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Happy Easter!  For those of you celebrating this special day, I wish you a colorful one filled with Easter egg hunts, brunch or dinner with the family, and lots of chocolate bunnies, peeps and jelly beans.  Easter brings back so many memories for me, having participated in my share of egg-hunts with my dad and my two uncles.  The three of them used to get so creative with the hiding places at my Grandma Bell’s house, and then sit back and chuckle about how hard we searched, high and low, for an egg filled with candy and quarters.  Those were some pretty special days and I hope yours is too.

Today is a bit different than some Easters because my family is in all different places this year, though we will have an Easter phone call for sure.  There won’t be any egg hunts or at-home family dinners today, just loved filled wishes from afar.  However, this week is filled with some spectacular recipes, some made with leftovers that you may have on hand from the Roast Oregano Chicken or by using up those hard boiled colored eggs that nobody seemed to indulge upon.  Either way it’s going to be another delicious week with some mighty tasty meals.

Monday –  A splendid  pasta dinner using leftover chicken, or a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, makes mealtime deliciously easy.  

Rotisserie Chicken Santa Fe Pasta – Recipe!

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Tuesday – Using those colored hard boiled Easter eggs for a tasty sandwich gives them a special second home.  It’s okay if the egg white is tinted a slight blue or green, they’re still edible.  

Easter Egg Salad – Recipe!

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Wednesday – This easy skillet salmon is loaded with creamy mustard flavors and a real cinch to prepare. 

Salmon & Broccoli Dijon – Recipe!

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Thursday – A little ground beef with Middle Eastern spices is a game-changer at mealtime.  Made with dried herbs you probably already have in your pantry.  

Baharat Ground Beef – Recipe!

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Friday – Who said toast is just for breakfast or brunch?  These savory toasts are loaded with sautéed mushrooms and peppery arugula.  An easy meal after a hectic week. 

Mushroom & Arugula Bruschetta – Recipe!

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Saturday – An easy almond quick bread with a strawberry jam stripe running through the middle makes a nice brunch treat, or simple dessert topped with a dollop whipped cream.   

Strawberry-Almond Bread – Recipe!

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