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A Week At A Time - Meal Ideas, Food

A Week At A Time – Meal Ideas!

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Aloha from Kauai!  My husband and I are celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary and decided to get out of town for a little rest, relaxation and fun.  This island is called the Garden Isle because most of it is covered in tropical rainforest and it’s super lush and green.  It can rain here daily, especially during certain months of the year, even though it may only be a few sprinkles at a time, which keeps the temperatures in the moderate zone.  We have been taking walks along the beach and spending time at the pool with the roosters.  Yes, there seems to be an abundant amount of roosters roaming this island and around the property, crowing during the day and early mornings.  Don’t ask me how they got here, but they are here.  We’ve also hit our share of restaurants and enjoyed a variety of cocktails, including some flamin’ drinks.

Easter is next Sunday and I’m sure many of us will be hosting some sort of gathering, whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner.  My family tends to enjoy an Easter dinner, so that’s what I’ll be doing.  But, before that I’m kicking off the week with some extraordinary meals.  On Monday it’s Turkey Meatballs with Tzatziki, Hummus and Pita made on a sheet pan – super easy and one of my favorites.  Taco Tuesday is definitely going to be fun with my Chicken Tamarind Tacos that are both sweet and savory – give them a try.  It’s a big pot of beans on Wednesday and these Instant Pot Spicy Tomato Aduzuki Beans are made with tomatoes and spices – perfect with a good piece of bread or spoonful of steamed rice.  Thursday night it’s time for my Lemon Ricotta Bow-Tie Pasta – one of easiest recipes and tastiest.  By Friday we all need a break and this Frozen Mango Margarita is something we can all enjoy, whether we’re on vacation or not.  On Saturday it’s time for baking, so I thought why not give you a good brunch dish that you could possibly make on Saturday, or Easter Sunday like my Zucchini, Mushroom and Cheddar Frittata – an excellent option.  Have a good week – Mahalo.

Monday – I enjoy a good sheet pan dinner and these turkey meatballs are super easy to make and lovely with fresh tzatziki and hummus spread over pita bread.  

Sheet Pan Mediterranean Turkey Meatballs with Tzatziki, Hummus & Pita – Recipe!

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Tuesday –  I love Taco Tuesdays and these Tamarind Chicken Tacos are loaded with sweet, savory and sour taste.  

Tamarind Chicken Tacos – Recipe!

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Wednesday – I enjoy a big pot of beans because they are super tasty and you can serve them alongside rice, vegetables or a piece of grilled chicken or beef.

Instant Pot Spicy Tomato Adzuki Beans – Recipe!

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Thursday – It’s a quick and easy lemon pasta dish that’s fresh and delicious.  

Lemony Ricotta Bow-Tie Pasta – Recipe!

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Friday – Cheers!

Frozen Mango Margaritas – Recipe!

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Saturday – A skillet Frittata is easy to prepare and feeds a crowd.  

Zucchini, Mushroom & Cheddar Frittata – Recipe!

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