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A Week At A Time - Meal Ideas, Food

A Week At A Time – Meal Ideas

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The heat is on!  It’s been toasty in Santa Ynez this week, nearing 100 degrees on most days, as my husband and I paint and restore our little house in the country.  The house is coming along slowly, but surely.  It’s hard to find people to help with tasks, so thank goodness my husband is so handy.  We both rolled up our sleeves to finish the hallway and doors otherwise, it might be until Christmas before the painter has time to come back again.  I cooked a few meals during the week amongst all the dust floating around from sanding walls.  We also dined at a few favorite spots around town and if you follow me on Instagram @genabellrecipes, you’ll see what we’re enjoying on my stories.

We came back to the Palisades for a few days, mainly to pick up my grandson who’s going to stay with us for a few days during his Zoom tech camp.  My husband is great at computers too, and he is a good resource to have when you’re trying to learn programing.  As for me, I just cook and bake, and that’s what I’ll be doing.  This week obviously will be focused on hot weather food, and things we can all put together in no time.  However, I don’t mind spending time in the kitchen in the summer because there are so many fresh fruits and vegetables to play with that the recipes are endless.  Have a good week everybody, and find some time to chill.

Monday – It’s burger night and these burgers are made with turkey.  I wrapped them up in lettuce, instead of buns, and gave them a Greek taste.  These mini burgers are perfect on a warm summer evening. 

Greek Mini Turkey Burger Lettuce Wraps – Recipe!

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Tuesday – I know it’s taco Tuesday, but I thought it might be more fun this week to make grilled salmon with a deep south-of-the-border flair.  This dish is one of my favorites and it’s super easy to make.  

Grilled Argentinian Salmon with Cilantro Peanut Sauce – Recipe!

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Wednesday – Who doesn’t have a good kebab and these chicken kebabs are marinated in a Mojito for a light rum and minty taste.  The alcohol tenderizes the chicken making them irresistibly juicy and super fun to eat.  

Mojito Marinated Chicken & Vegetable Kebabs – Recipe!

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Thursday – It’s time to whip out the slow cooker for this recipe.  Cooking a beef roast low and slow makes it super shreddable, and perfect to pile high on a toasted bun.  You can also use up the leftovers at lunchtime, or transform them into so many other meals.  

Slow-Cooker Barbecue Beef – Recipe!

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Friday –  Tonight we’re enjoying the garden and using farm fresh vegetables, either from your garden or the farmer’s market to make this caponata.  You can always change up the vegetables to use what you have on hand, and I think you’ll just love the flavors.    

Garden Caponata – Recipe!

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Saturday – It’s dessert day and we’re making a trifle layered with berries, cream and limoncello.  This dessert is definitely a crowd pleaser, so you might need to invite some friends.  

Limoncello Summer Berry Trifle – Recipe!

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