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Pimmlet – Recipe!

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I’ve been taking a cocktail class online from George Brown University in Canada with my good friend every Thursday for the last few weeks.  It gives us a chance to interact with others, and after the class on most weeks, we Zoom together with our husbands, and indulge on cocktails with each other.  In class, there’s a new theme every week, and this week it was “Hipster Hangout.”  I feel a little past the hipster stage in my life, but I thought I would play along, and make something different, festive and fun.

Bridgerton was a smash hit on Netflix this past year, and millions of us are really disappointed that the hottie of the show, Rege’ Jean, is not coming back for another season.  However, that won’t stop most of us from tuning into season 2, and I have just the right cocktail to sip on during the show, that in my opinion, is hip enough for almost anyone.  Pimm’s is a liqueur made from Gin, quinine and spices and it’s the second most famous drink in the United Kingdom, right after tea.  A “Pimm’s Cup” is the most popular cocktail made with this liqueur and it’s a blend of lemon and fruit juices, which balance out the slight bitterness, and adds just the right amount of sweetness.  I happen to like Pimm’s because it’s unique to Americans, plus it isn’t overly sweet, and you can play with additional ingredients to create a most fabulous drink.

A Pimmlet is similar to a Pimm’s Cup in a few ways, except it’s served up, like a martini, and has equal parts Pimm’s, Gin and lime juice.  A dash of simple syrup is added just for a hair of sweetness, and mint leaves are muddled into the mix before the shaking begins.  I’d call this drink more refreshing, than fruity, and the citrus really pops on the palate.  If you happen to have a bottle of Pimm’s lying around since the Downton Abbey days, or you want to go grab yourself one before the summer months begin, I think it makes a very satisfying cocktail to enjoy.

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1 1/2 ounces Pimm’s

1 1/2 ounces Gin

1 1/2 ounces lime juice

dash of simple syrup

3 mint leaves + more for garnish

(Makes 1 Cocktail)

To Prepare:

  1. In a cocktail shaker, add lime juice and 3 mint leaves.  Using the handle of a wooden spoon, or a cocktail dowel (muddler), muddle the two together, gently.
  2. Add Pimm’s, gin, lime juice and simple syrup and fill with ice.
  3. Place lid on shaker, and shake, shake, shake.  Strain into chilled martini glass and top with remaining mint leaves.  Enjoy!


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