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Kumquat Vodka Mojitos – Recipe!

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Kumquats are a unique fruit because they taste like the opposite of most citrus – the skin is sweet and the interior is sour.  Because of this, you don’t need to separate the fruit from the flesh and you can use the entire kumquat in recipes, including cocktails.  Kumquats make the perfect Mojito because they give a nice sweet and sour balance that is refreshingly delicious.

Traditionally mojitos are made with rum, but in this cocktail, I used vodka to lighten the kumquat and mint combination.  Kumquat Vodka Mojitos are great to make in a pitcher because you can muddle and serve the cocktails all in the same container.  Feel free to double the batch for larger groups or parties. Cheers!


15 kumquats

2 sprigs mint leaves

2 tablespoons organic agave

8 ounces vodka or 4 shots

3 cups sparkling water

(Serves 2-4)

To Prepare:

1.  Slice the kumquats in half and remove any seeds.  Place them in a pitcher and muddle them with a wooden dowel or spoon handle.

Kumquat Vodka Mojitos 012 (640x480)

Kumquat Vodka Mojitos 026 (640x480)

2.  Next, add 10 mint leaves and muddle them with the kumquats.  Add the agave nectar and muddle again.

Kumquat Vodka Mojitos 042 (640x480)

Kumquat Vodka Mojitos 028 (640x511)

3.  Then, add the vodka and muddle again to combine the flavors.

Kumquat Vodka Mojitos 044 (640x480)

Kumquat Vodka Mojitos 053 (640x480)

4.  Pour in the sparkling water and stir.

Kumquat Vodka Mojitos 056 (640x480)

5.  Serve over ice in champagne or white wine glasses, enjoy!

Kumquat Vodka Mojitos 082 (640x480)

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