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Italian Potato Salad – Recipe!

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When you think of the most popular side dish of the summer, it is probably potato salad and this Italian Potato Salad with zesty flavors is tossed in a light vinaigrette, making it a delicious addition to summertime.

Growing up, we ate German Potato Salad because of our German heritage.  I remember thinking why are we eating a warm potato salad with bacon, when most potato salads are cool and creamy?  But, after one bite I realized I was lucky to be enjoying such a treat, and how nicely it tasted with the grilled sausages.

The best thing about cooking with potatoes is that they absorb delightful flavors from delicious ingredients like; crispy pancetta, caramelized fennel and sun dried tomatoes.  Why stick to tradition all the time when you can step outside the box?  It just makes perfect sense.

You can serve this potato salad with grilled meat, chicken or fish and it tastes great at room temperature.  Summer without potato salad is like summer without ice cream, but don’t get me started on ice cream, just yet.

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1 1/2 pound baby gold potatoes

4 ounces pancetta, diced

1 fennel bulb

1/3 cup sun dried tomatoes in oil, minced


1/3 cup olive oil

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon agave nectar or honey

1 teaspoon dried oregano

pinch of salt & pepper + extra for cooking

fresh basil

(Serves 6)

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To Prepare:

1. Place potatoes in pot with cold water to cover, add 1 tablespoon salt.  Boil until fork tender, about 20 minutes, drain and cool.

2. Slice potatoes in half and then, into half moon shapes.  Place potatoes in a bowl.

3.  Cook pancetta in a sauté pan until crispy, about 4 minutes.  Pour over potatoes, including fat rendered from pancetta.

4.  Slice fennel bulb in half and remove core, then slice.  Sauté fennel for 8 minutes (cook in same pan as pancetta), or until softened and golden brown.  Add to potatoes, along with minced sun dried tomatoes.

5.  Whisk vinaigrette ingredients together and pour over potatoes, toss to coat.  Add basil on top and serve. Enjoy!





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