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Instant Pot Pear & Cardamom Oats – Recipe!

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Oats are a morning ritual for many of us, especially when the weather is a little, or a lot colder outside.  Breakfast porridge, as it is often called, is a great choice because it’s loaded with fiber, and keeps you full for hours, and it really “warms your inners,” as my mom used to say.

For those of you looking for new recipes for breakfast, these oats are packed with wintery-like flavors and can be made in 20 minutes in your Instant Pot.  I used Oats Groats, or hulled oats, in this recipe because they have excellent chew, and a nuttier flavor than steel cut oats.  However, you can always use steel cut oats, if that’s what you already have in your pantry.

Ground cardamom infuses the oats with rustic earthy notes that go so nicely with fresh pears.  You can actually smell the season in the air as they cook.  Sometimes, I double the recipe, and store the rest in the refrigerator for future mornings.  It’s a great way to begin your day.

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1 pear

1 cup oat groats or steel-cut oats

1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom

2 teaspoons agave nectar or 1 tablespoon honey

pinch of salt

brown sugar, optional

milk, optional

(Serves 2-3)

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To Prepare:

1. Dice up pear and set aside.  Add oat groats or steel-cut oats, cardamom, salt and 2 cups of water to Instant Pot.  Add pears and stir.  Seal lid and set to Manual for 22 minutes.  Release pressure immediately.

2.  Remove lid and stir.  Spoon into bowls and serve with a sprinkle of brown sugar and a splash of milk.  Enjoy!







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