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A Week At A Time - Meal Ideas, Food

A Week At A Time – Meal Ideas!

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I am resending this post because yesterday, my system wasn’t responding correctly, and somehow we weren’t able to open it…..so, now it’s all fixed.  Yes, another week down as we inch closer to summertime.  Can you believe Memorial Day Weekend is this coming week?!  Yikes, where did the time go.  I guess it is officially barbecue season, and those of us who haven’t quite ripped off the cover, and scraped down those grates, this would be a good day to do it.  I do love the warmer months ahead, and the foods that come with it like fresh salads and sandwiches, and quick cooking grilled proteins like fish, chicken and chops.  I also love the weather right before summer hits, when it’s the perfect temperature to be outdoors in my yard gardening, by the beach running and walking, or in the wine country, cycling on my e-bike up through the hills.  Those are just some of my favorite things.

Cooking always makes me happy too, especially for a longer holiday week, so here are some meals that really feel like summer.  The weather here in Los Angeles is actually going to be hot at the beginning of the week, and then end with average temperatures for a beautiful weekend.  Monday is salad night because it’s going to be warm outside, and on Tuesday, it’s Mexican food night with grilled chicken tostadas.  Wednesday, we’re grilling again and making smash burgers…so check out how to prepare them.  Thursday is swordfish night with the most yummy sauce that shouldn’t be missed and by Friday and Saturday we’re grilling up some steak and chicken.  I linked my salads and desserts, so you could grab a recipe quickly, to complete a meal for a fun holiday gathering.  Happy Memorial Day!

Monday –  I thought a refreshing salad with couscous and cucumbers would be a great way to start the week.  You can always add grilled chicken or fish on the side, if you want some protein, but this recipe is pretty satisfying just the way it is.  

Cucumber, Couscous & Goat Cheese Salad – Recipe!

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Tuesday – Mexican food night with these yummy grilled chicken tostadas.  You can grill the chicken outside or on the stove top, if you haven’t gotten around to cleaning your grill quite yet.  

Grilled Chicken Tostadas – Recipe!

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Wednesday – Burger Me!  Who doesn’t love a good burger prepared on a hot grill, and have you tried this Smash method of cooking the patty?  Check it out.  

Grilled Smash Burgers – Recipe!

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Thursday – It’s seafood night and this really easy swordfish recipe with creamy avocado sauce is perfect on a night like this.

Swordfish with Tangy Avocado Sauce – Recipe!

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Friday – The start of a holiday weekend means it’s time to let your hair down and throw some steaks on the grill.  Whip up a cocktail or pop open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving.  

Grilled Teriyaki Rib Eye with Ginger Tomatoes – Recipe!

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Saturday – Another easy grilling recipe with chicken is in order for the longer weekend celebrating with family and friends.  Check out my salads and desserts here on my blog to make it a fun full holiday meal worth enjoying.    

Grilled Asian Chicken Thighs – Recipe!

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