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Water Grill – Downown Los Angeles

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Water Grill has gotten a new vibe and flavor in downtown Los Angeles.  The restaurant and bar has had a slight remodel and menu revamp a few months back and now it has more of a Bostonian Legal Seafood feel.  The space is large and warm with a viewing kitchen to watch chefs creating their magic behind the glass partition. 

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As for the menu, it is much more casual with sections of appetizers and salads as well Water Grill Specialties.  Also, there is a section of fish specials that are highly recommended by the staff.  Warm bread is served on every table, I especially enjoyed the parmesan roll with its light cheesy flavor.  For starters, we began our meal with the Crab Cake with Spicy Roumalade sauce.  The sauce was fantastic which gave the overall dish a little heat and the cakes were served with celery root slaw, one of my favorites.  My only feedback would be to leave the crab in a more lump form when making the cakes to achieve a better mouth feel.

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Next, we had the Frisee Salad with poached eggs.  It was nicely dressed and they were very generous with the poached eggs which I appreciate.  The salad could easily serve two people.  For an entree we went with the Seared Halibut with a light cream drizzle.  The fish was cooked to perfection with a nice crunchy crust and super tender on the inside.  I couldn’t of done it better myself…hmmm.

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As for dessert, since it was the holiday season and we were completely indulging, we went with the Bread Pudding made with brioche and croissants.  The pudding came with a nice dollop of caramel ice cream on top.  Pretty great!

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Overall, I think the new redo was a terrific move and I thoroughly enjoyed the space and menu.  I thought the service was excellent and everyone very knowledge.  As for the wine list, maybe a little update on selections and vintages would be better appreciated.

Water Grill, 544 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90071  (213) 891-0900

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