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Superba Snack Bar – Venice

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Superba Snack Bar in Venice has been open about six months or so and they are creating some artisan charcuterie and handmade pastas.  Chef Jason Neroni has worked all over NYC and he is orginally from Orange County (like me).  This place is tucked into a small group of new restaurants on Rose Avenue and has a large outdoor front patio and communal table inside dining area.  The place is bustling with cool hipster Venice types and food fanatics like myself.  

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As for the menu, very clever, starting with the Cold Cuts section of the menu.  This section consisted of five selections of house cured charchuterie which was quite impressive.  You could choose one, three or all of the selections and I went with three – Porchetta di Testa Pastrami on rye, Smoked Bacon and Membrillo (quince paste) and Julia Child’s famous Chicken Liver Mousse with Balsamic Figs.  The platter that arrived looked mouth watering and it sure was….delicious.  The porchetta was creamy and salty and the rye complimented the flavors nicely.  The smoked bacon was a nice chunk of pork belly that was seared crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.  Julia’s chicken liver mousse – well what can I say…it’s Julia!

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The next section of the menu was called “From our Backyards” and it contained various salads and veggie sides.  My husband had lunch the previous week at Superba and he had the Brussels Sprouts in a Dashi Broth with Fried Egg over the top.  He loved it!  This time however, we went straight to the “Snacks” section of the menu and opted for the Superba Fried Chicken.  This chicken was unique in that it was thigh meat (yes) instead of breast with a crunchy exterior and a red wine vinegar glaze that gave the poultry not only additional flavor but a unique texture when drizzled on top.

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The “From Our Hands” portion of the menu was all handmade pastas which were very difficult to choose from because they all read so delicously.  The smoked bucatini carbonara was the most popular but, I was in the mood for a little more exotic so we went with the Pierogi Gnocchi.  This gnocchi was served in a mustard cream sauce with smoked pork and sauerkraut.  It must have been the German in me that was craving such a unique and comforting dish.  My only complaint would be — more smoked pork please!

Superba Snack Bar is a great new spot in Venice for locals and tourists alike.  There are no reservations so get there early especially on a warm night to get a good seat.

Superba Snack Bar, 533 Rose Avenue, Venice.
(310) 399-6400

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