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Dining in the San Francisco Bay Area 2014

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We just got back a week ago from touring the Bay area and visiting friends for my husband’s 50th birthday.  We had some great food and lots of fun in his old stomping grounds.  We started our visit on the Peninsula and for our first night we dined at Amber India in Mountain View.








Amber India has expanded a great deal since we lived there and with that, some of the food was not as we remembered.  However, one of our favorites still  stands out — the Butter Chicken.  This dish hasn’t changed a bit and the sauce is rich with spice, but not hot.

Amber India - SF 2014-02-07 021 (480x360) (2)

The birthday cake that our friend brought was fun as well, not to mention the silly greeting on top

Amber India - SF 2014-02-07 026 (480x360)

The next evening we headed to Birch Street which is run by the folks that used to own Bistro Elan.  The food is California French with a touch of Scandinavia due to the chefs background.  The most delicious thing on the menu is the Duck Confit – the meat was fall off the bone fabulous and the Asparagus Risotto was creamy and comforting.  The Swedish meatballs were quite decadent as well.

2014-02 Dave's 50th dinner at Bistro Elan on Birch 005 (480x360)

We had such a great time catching up with our friends, it was a night to remember!

2014-02 Dave's 50th dinner at Bistro Elan on Birch 002 (480x360)

The next day we hit the city of San Francisco and headed to a new burger concept my uncle told me about, Roam Artisan Burgers.  These burgers are so fresh and unique– they blew me away — watch out Umami here they come!

For starters you choose your meat – beef, turkey, bison, veggie and elk that day.  Next, you choose the style of burger i.e. Classic – with lettuce, tomato, onions – French and Fries – with truffle parmesan fries, avocado, Gruyere cheese – Tejano – with pepper jack, jalapeno relish, avocado, white corn tortilla strips and several others — too long to mention.  We ordered the Tejano and wow, it was good.  The side salad with watermelon radishes and pomegranate seeds was exceptional too.

Roam Artisan Burgers -SF 2014-02-10 013 (480x360) (2)

Roam Artisan Burgers -SF 2014-02-10 016 (480x360)

That evening we went to Rich Table on Gough Street in San Francisco.  We met some friends that just got married, so we were celebrating both my husband’s birthday and their new marriage.  At Rich Table one of the highlights were the Sardine Chips with horseradish creme fraiche.  Imagine (or you can look below) a sliced potatoes with a sardine woven through it and then fried, so brilliant.

Rich Table - SF 2014-02-09 006 (480x360) (5)

The housemade Bucatini with Braised Pork, Mustard and Fennel was quite nice too

Rich Table - SF 2014-02-09 017 (480x360) (3)

Another great dish was the Scallion Pancake with pearl onions sesame and black garlic

Rich Table - SF 2014-02-09 021 (480x360) (2)

We sang Happy Birthday and they delivered a Butterscotch Creme de Caramel Rich Table - SF 2014-02-09 027 (480x360) (2)

 Such a nice touch to end a perfect evening!

2014-02 Dave's 50th dinner at Rich Table 002 (480x360) (3) (480x360)

The next day we finally got back to our favorite place in the city, Restaurant Gary Danko.  I know Gary Danko has a lot of press for his outstanding food and it is still as delicious as when they first opened.  The entire meal was perfect as always and one of our favorites was the Seared Scallop with Shitake Mushrooms.  I recommend splitting this dish because it is so rich, all you need in one.

2014-02 Dave's 50th dinner at Gary Danko 011 (480x360) (3)

The Duck was another delight, not too pink, but perfect and the flavors divine

2014-02 Dave's 50th dinner at Gary Danko 016 (480x360) (2)

And for dessert the Chocolate Souffle of course!

2014-02 Dave's 50th dinner at Gary Danko 021 (480x360)

The next day we were off to Boulder, CO for the second half of my husband’s 50th birthday celebration!  Thanks to all of our Bay area friends.

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