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Chianina Steakhouse – Long Beach (Naples)

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Chianina is a new American Steakhouse on Second Street in Long Beach owned and operated by the Michael’s Restaurant Group.  The darkened sultry restaurant, whose name comes from an ancient breed of cattle raised in Central Italy, is cozy with a large bar upon entry and high-backed booths around the exterior walls.  The music playing are favorites from the past and the staff friendly.  The beef is the reason to come dine at Chianina. Currently, they are serving Piedmontese Beef as they wait for the Chianina beef to arrive.





As soon as we sat down we were presented menus and a amuse bouche of warm asparagus soup.  The springlike flavors were a fresh start.

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 004 (480x360)

The warm rye and honey rolls were next, served with three kinds of butter- mascarpone, regular and basil.

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 019 (480x360)

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 007 (360x480)

Salads of Iceberg, Caesar and Market Greens were listed – we went with the Caesar – a towering mass of butter lettuce, with fresh anchovies and grana padano shavings.  The dressing was slightly gritty with a nice chew and lovely flavors of true Caesar Salad.

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 013 (480x360)

The Pork Belly appetizer with freshly cooked lentils, caramel apple puree and chicory was nicely cooked, but needed more flavor.

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 017 (360x480)

A second course of Pastas, considering Michael’s on Naples is the owner.  The special – Carbonara Risotto that evening was decadent and divine.  The rice was so creamy and the egg when stirred made it even richer.

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 020 (480x360)

I appreciated the lovely Gnocchi Bolognese which tasted of true Italian experience.  The meat sauce was hearty and the soft pillows of dough were prepared with elegance.

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 022 (480x360)

For our meat course, the 28 ounce Bone-in Ribeye and the Half Jidori Chicken.  The meat was juicy and tender and cooked to perfection.  It arrived with a side of Bearnaise which added to the indulgence.

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 033 (480x360)

“Chicken” you might say at a steakhouse?  This chicken should not be missed – sous vide first, then seared and served in a sauce of shallots, thyme and brown butter.  No further explanation needed.

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 029 (480x360)

Our sides were Creamed Spinach, Roasted Cumin Heirloom Carrots and Kennebec Frites of course.

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 025 (480x360)

For dessert, we chose the Baba au Rhum which was a large brioche like roll sitting in a rum citrus syrup and served with a side of whipped cream.  The bread was a little dry, needed a little more time in the syrup.

Chianina - Long Beach 2014-05-04 037 (480x480)

Chianina is another great arrival to the Michael’s Group in Naples.  The food is nicely prepared and the ambiance is a perfect place to enjoy a good meal. The staff was exceptionally friendly, especially Alejandro the sommelier.

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