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A.O.C. – Los Angeles

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I finally made it to the “New” A.O.C. for dinner last night and had the privilege of dining on some of the cities best food and drinks.  The small plates menu is the perfect place to share and taste Chef Suzanne Goins Cal-Mediterranean cuisine.  The new restaurant is just a few blocks east of Robertson Blvd.  in a space that includes a large bar and communal table, inside dining, a gorgeous patio and an upstairs wine bar/dining area.  The new location has an airy feel that adds to the overall experience.





The imported cheeses at A.O.C. are exceptional.  I especially enjoyed the soft goat cheese, “Miette” from Missouri, “Le Brebiou” from France and the “Urdina” from Spain.

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 002 (480x360)

After the cheese we sampled A.O.C.’s version of Focaccia with Tomato Confit, Mozzarella and Spicy Soppressata.  The bread looked more like a thick crusted pizza than your traditional focaccia, but the spicy flavors of salami and cheese warmed my heart.

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 015 (480x360)

For salads, we had the Indian Chopped Salad and the Endive, Beet and Blood Orange Salad.  I love the dressing on the Indian Chopped, which was a combination of turmeric, other Indian spices and yogurt.  The crunchy cauliflower was a nice touch as well.

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 008 (480x360)The Endive and Beet Salad with a hint of Blood Orange was bitter, tangy and a nice palate cleanser after the cheese and focaccia course.

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 012 (480x360)

From the wood oven came the most delicious Prawns with Cannellini Beans, Linguica Sausage and Tomatoes.  I loved this piping hot little dish — creamy -from the beans, fresh -from the shrimp and slightly spicy -from the sausage. Probably my favorite plate of the night, I just wish it was twice the size.

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 020 (480x360)

The Spanish Fried Chicken was another favorite dish with its crispy coated skin and succulent thigh meat.  The paprika romesco dipping sauce was a perfect companion.

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 021 (480x360)

The asparagus side was nicely prepared with fresh Roasted Asparagus , Parmesan Pudding, which was more of a cream sauce and Fava Bean Pesto. My only complaint would be the small portion – only five spears in our order.

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 023 (480x360)Our Platter of the evening was Rack of Lamb with Fava Puree, Spring Onions, Pea Tendrils and Scallion Oil.  This dish was cooked perfectly, not too rare, and tossed together with fresh spring greens.  The flavors were truly seasonal and I loved the rustic presentation.

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 028 (480x360)

For dessert, we had a sampling of three – Creme Fraiche Cake with Blueberries and Candied Lemon, Butterscotch Pot de Creme and Blood Orange Vacherin.  All of the desserts were refreshingly delightful, but the Vacherin with Kumquat Ice Cream in the center and the crunchy meringue top was exceptional.

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 036 (480x360)

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 031 (480x360)

A.O.C. 2014-05-03 033 (480x360)

A.O.C. is still making some of the cities best food and the cocktails are just as amazing.  The “White Bull” with deaths door gin, sage, cocchi americano, citrus and heffeweizen was unique and truly delicious.  You could sip on one of these most evening after a long day.

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