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California Sunrise Martini – Recipe!

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Happy Friday!  I thought a cocktail was in order after just about finishing out another week in this pandemic.  It seems our country is vaccinating at a record rate, even with the Johnson & Johnson hiccup.  The freeways are like they were before the pandemic, with people racing everywhere just to get out and be somewhere else, but at home.  I find myself much more on the conservative side of things, and prefer to still hunker down with my close group of family members, and wait this thing out just a bit more, until the world gets vaccinated.  I think I have learned a few things about myself during this past year, and one of them is being a little more patient.  Life is pretty good just the way it is and I find myself stopping and taking it in a bit more than I did before.

Friday night means cocktails at my house, and I am a huge tequila fan, so I thought a drink with a citrus vibe would be nice.  A tequila sunrise cocktail is usually made in a long tall glass, but I thought I would make my version with some California flair, and serve it up in a martini glass.  I used pomegranate grenadine, but you can use regular, if that’s what you have in your liquor cabinet.  The colors are deep orange with a dark smoky bottom.  I love the surprise cherry in the bottom of the drink, just the reverse of an ice cream sundae with it being on top.  It’s smooth and silky flavors are perfect on a night like tonight.

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2 tablespoons pomegranate or regular grenadine

2 Luxardo or Amerena cherries

6 ounces freshly squeezed orange juice

3 ounces tequila

1 ounce triple sec

2 orange wheels

(Makes 2 Cocktails)

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To Prepare:

  1. In two martini glasses, add a tablespoon of grenadine and one cherry.
  2. In a martini shaker, add orange juice, tequila, and triple sec.  Fill with cubed ice.  Shake shake shake.
  3. Strain into both glasses equally.  Top with orange wheel on rim.  Enjoy!



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