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A Week At A Time - Meal Ideas, Food

A Week At A Time – Meal Ideas!

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Happy Sunday and I hope you turned your clocks back last night for an extra hour of sleep this morning.  Isn’t it nice to get an extra hour of sleep these days, especially during the fall when the weather is lightly foggy with hazy a.m. sun trying to peak through the clouds?  I’ve been busy of late and spending much more time in Santa Ynez working out the last few projects in my yard.  My garden boxes are filled and flourishing, especially now that they have cloth covers to keep my herbs and lettuces snug and warm overnight.  My arugula looks more like a bush than a plant, so I have a lot on my hands.  Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, yes I know, and I still need to gather up some new recipes that might be inspiring to prepare for your holiday table.  I had an outstanding winter squash dish at a local restaurant here in Los Angeles the other night, and I thought of making it, but with sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving.  I’ll share it with you as soon as I work out the wrinkles.  Other special things like pies and tarts are most delightful this time of the year, so get ready to bake.

This week’s recipes are some pretty good stuff with harvest flair.  Monday is a nice day to start with a salad, and this one is made with shaved Brussels sprouts and kale.  It’s also loaded with zesty cheese and studded with dried sour cherries for a sweet and salty twist.  On Tuesday we’re making Mexican roasted squash soup.  It’s delicate on the palate, yet filling enough as a meal.  Wednesday we’re enjoying pork chops with a spiced dry rub and my sweet and sour cabbage.  The pork chops finish cooking in the oven, so you have plenty of time to prepare the cabbage side in a matter of minutes.  Thursday makes the perfect night for my Instant Pot rosemary white beans.  They are a delicious meal in themselves, but are also nice served with roasted meat or a side salad.  Friday night is bruschetta night with cocktails of course.  These tasty toasts are made easily enough and fun to share with family and friends.  Saturday’s are for baking and my white chocolaty toffee brownies with blow your mind.  I love to serve them as dessert after a meal, but they’re pretty great to wrap up and share with your neighbors too.  Have a tasty week and enjoy the fall weather.

Monday – Shaved Brussels sprouts and kale make a rustic salad that can be eaten as a meal or paired with a roast chicken, or a slice of oven-roasted meat.  I think you’ll enjoy the sweet and salty combination of the dressing.  

Shaved Brussels Sprout & Kale Salad with Pecorino – Recipe!

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Tuesday –  Winter squash soup with Mexican flavors replaces taco Tuesday in a good way.  The smooth and creamy texture, and slightly tangy taste will fill your heart with joy.  

Mexican Roasted Butternut Squash Soup – Recipe!

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Wednesday –  Pork chops made in a skillet and served with my sweet and sour cabbage makes hump day, so much more fun.  It’s a meal that’s rich in protein and it’s paleo friendly.  

Spiced Pork Chops with Sweet & Sour Cabbage – Recipe! Paleo Friendly!

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Thursday –  These beans are so rich and creamy, they’re almost a soup, yet can be served with slow cooked meat or fish.  They also reheat nicely for lunchtime or can be stored in the freezer for future meals.   

Instant Pot Creamy Rosemary White Beans – Recipe!

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Friday – These toasts are loaded with sautéed mushrooms and flecked with spicy arugula.  I love to serve them with cocktails on a Friday night.  

Mushroom & Arugula Bruschetta – Recipe!

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Saturday – It’s not just pumpkin season, it’s chocolate season.  These rich and fudgy brownies are topped with white chocolate and crunchy toffee bits for a mouthwatering sensation that will make you say, “Santa’s coming soon.”  

White Chocolate Toffee Brownies – Recipe!

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