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Odys + Penelope – Los Angeles! A Modern American Churrascaria!

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Odys + Penelope has been a restaurant on my radar since they opened back in January 2015.  I finally achieved a decent restaurant reservation time at this delightful New American Churrasco and Grill. Quinn and Karen Hatfield have been pleasing my palate since they opened Cortez in San Francisco several years ago and with Hatfield’s in Los Angeles, both of which are now closed.

The Hatfields have a true talent for cooking, and at Odys + Penelope their food gets even better.  The grilled and smoked meats are out of this world. The restaurant features two wood burning grills – one with red oak for intense heat and longevity, and the other with almond wood for a faster burn and sweeter flavor.

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The small plates are all appealing with grilled white prawns and fried wild mushrooms, but the Grilled Bread with Creamy Dungeness Crab and Avocado with Fennel Fronds seemed to grab me.  The toast with its crunchiness topped with luscious creamy crab, rich avocado and a hint of anise was divine.  I could of easily eaten two.

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The Condiments are also something that should not be missed and make sure you order them in the beginning of the meal, so you can dip away during your entire experience – they are only 25 cents each.  I absolutely loved the Harissa – warm and earthy with a kick of heat and the Horseradish Cream was delightfully mild and nice to spread on any meat.

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The Smoked Lamb Cups were a special of the night and I am sure glad I ordered them.  The crisp lettuce filled with lightly smoked lamb, chickpeas, yogurt, cucumbers and pickled onion.  The Harissa, which I mentioned above, was a nice spread for the cups.  This was one of the best dishes of the night!

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For mains, I chose the Slow Grilled Tri-Tip with charred Broccolini and special house Bernaise.  The meat was cooked perfectly with a touch of pink, but as for the flavors I thought it could of been a little more smoky rich and the portion a tad small for $29.  However, the grilled broccoli and decadent bernaise was a nice combo with the meat.

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Odys + Penelope is not just about meat, the Garden section of the menu houses five or six plates that all read deliciously.  The Creamy Cauliflower and Millet with Almond Pesto was amazingly done, I just needed a little sprinkle of salt to make the flavors pop.

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Even if you are full, the desserts are worth the splurge.  The Peach Brioche with Fresh Blackberries was the best French Toast with Ice Cream I’ve ever tasted.  Bless Karen Hatfield, she’s a genius in the kitchen.

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Odys + Penelope was a dining experience worth going back time and time again.  Here are three reasons to go back to Odys + Penelope — Applewood Shortribs, Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs and another one of Karen’s desserts.  They are open daily for dinner and if you can’t find a reservation slot — eat at the bar.

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