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Chicken Adobo – Recipe!

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Chicken Adobo is a classic Filipino dish made with soy sauce, rice vinegar and chopped garlic.  The ingredients are simple enough, and what makes this dish so uniquely delicious is that you cook the chicken in the marinade first, and then roast or grill the chicken after partially cooked.  This process allows the chicken to absorb the marinade in a more intense fashion, creating some of the most tasty chicken on the planet.

After preparing the marinade, warming it up in the pan is essential before adding the chicken.  The warm bubbling bath creates the perfect environment for cooking the poultry and so it begins.  After spending 20 minutes or so bathing, the chicken is cooled to room temperature and refrigerated until ready to roast or grill.

The darkened mahogany thighs and legs become the most exquisite looking pieces of meat and pair nicely with rice or potatoes.  Adobo Chicken makes a great substitute from your standard barbecue chicken recipe without much fuss, or complicated ingredients.

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1 cup soy sauce or tamari

1/2 cup rice wine vinegar

1 tablespoon minced garlic

2 bay leaves

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

6 chicken thighs and 2 legs or 1 whole chicken cut-up

(Serves 4)

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To Prepare:

  1. In a measuring cup, add soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves and pepper, stir.  Pour into a large skillet, big enough to hold all the chicken in one single layer.  Place over medium heat and add chicken.  Cook for 5 minutes, flip chicken over and reduce heat to low.  Cover skillet with lid and continue to cook for 15 minutes, turning chicken one more time.
  2. Remove lid and cool for 40 minutes.  Place skillet with chicken in refrigerator (leaving in marinade) for at least 4 hours, up to overnight.
  3. Remove chicken from marinade and pat dry with paper towels.  Heat grill or oven to 400 degrees.  Cook chicken for 15 minutes until deep golden brown and cooked through.  Cook marinade over medium-high heat until reduced by half, serve with chicken.  Enjoy!

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