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Grainy Spinach Salad with Tahini Dressing – Recipe!

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Grains are In people – ancient, rustic and earthy with chewy textures that compliment soups, stews, and salads.  Millet, teff, rye and barley are all on the grainy scene soon to surpass the quinoa loving generation.  However, farro, an ancient wheat traditionally from Italy, either from three different species – emmer, spelt or einkorn – still holds strong in popularity due to its rustic heritage and easier to digest characteristics.

Grains make a nice substitute for meat-free eating and offer a boost in fiber, which many of us need because of our increased protein consumption. Salads are a great landing pad for grains of any kind, especially farro because it adds heartiness to greens.

Spinach Salad has always been a popular favorite and with the addition of grains, it moves to a whole new level.  In this recipe for Grainy Spinach Salad with Tahini Dressing, the overall combination of leafy greens with eggs, grains and splash of nutty vinaigrette, makes this a nice dining experience. Serve this salad for a healthy lunch or dinner, a great addition to your weekly meal plan.


1/2 cup farro

6 cups baby spinach

3 eggs, cooked

fresh basil, optional

Tahini Dressing

1/4 cup tahini

1 clove garlic

juice of 1 lime

2 teaspoons maple syrup

1/4 cup water

pinch of salt & pepper

(Serves 2-4)

Prepping Ingredients!

Layering is so much fun!

Grainy Spinach Salad with Tahini Dressing!

1. Boil 1 1/2 cups of water and add farro.  Simmer for 20 minutes and drain.  Wash and dry spinach leaves.  Peel and slice eggs in half.

2. Place spinach in a large serving bowl, top with cooked farro.  Place eggs and fresh basil on the top, set aside.

3.  In a food processor, add all the Tahini Dressing ingredients, mix until smooth.  Pour into a serving dish.

4.  Serve salad with dressing on the side.  Enjoy!


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