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5 Minute Egg with Cavier & Creme Fraiche

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I just happen to love cavier and there are several American varieties that make it much more affordable to eat more often.  Here’s a recipe that takes less than ten minutes to prepare and voila’ — a decadent treat awaits!








4-6 organic eggs

1/4 cup creme fraiche (sour cream would work too)

1 ounce Hackleback Cavier (found in high end grocery stores)

salt & pepper

To Prepare:

In a 2 quart pot add cool water and eggs.  Place eggs over a medium-high flame until boiling.  Turn off the heat and cover eggs for 5 minutes.

Remove eggs from the pan and place on a towel to cut.  Run knife over the top 1/8 of egg to slightly crack rim.  When shell is cracked cut through the egg to remove top.

Place the eggs on egg stands or create your own by using salt in a dish.  Dollop egg with creme fraiche and then cavier.  Salt and pepper eggs to taste. Enjoy!

5 minutes egg with Creme Fraiche and Cavier 2014-02-14 011 (480x360)

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